Mommy Diaries: The Bittersweet Journey to Motherhood

Mommy Diaries: The Bittersweet Journey to Motherhood

5 pregnancies. 2 miscarriages.
3 healthy and strong babies.

Before becoming a Mom, Mommies around me had always shared stories about the challenges in raising a newborn, and especially the part on breastfeeding.
Also, coming from a large family of 7, I always had the (naive) thought that conceiving would be easy (not to even think of something called Miscarriage).
I was very lucky (and blessed) to have my 1st child in Year 2017. Everything went so smoothly and the journey was exactly what I had pictured in my mind.
But never will I expect it when I suffered my 1st early miscarriage when trying to conceive my 2nd child and no one ever told me how hard it was mentally, physically and most importantly, emotionally to cope with the loss.

With the emotional support and love from my closed ones, I build up my courage to try again (and I successfully conceived and gave birth to my 2nd child in Year 2019, but on bedrest during early days).
Then comes the 2nd early miscarriage when I tried to conceive my 3rd child. But this time, I learnt how to manage the loss better.

With God's blessing, my 3rd lovely child was born in Year 2022 and now we're a complete Family of 5!

Don't give up on hopes, because indeed, the best thing(s) in life comes when we least expected it - Mommy Siying

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